Wedding Planning | 4 Tips For Planning The Perfect Rustic Wedding

Choosing the perfect wedding theme can be a daunting task, especially with the abundance of inspirations available to you. If you've decided to go with a rustic wedding theme, you've probably got an easy sense of style that could effortlessly match any season and setting. From wedding supplies and décor to wedding venues and outfits, every part of your wedding must fit in perfectly with your rustic theme. Here are some tips for planning the perfect rustic wedding.

Choose A Barn Wedding Venue

Choosing the wedding venue is perhaps the most important aspect of the wedding planning process, followed closely by choosing the perfect wedding supplies to create an unforgettable day. Barns present the perfect backdrop for a rustically themed wedding with their neutral colours and natural settings to provide a romantic ambience. You can even choose furniture like antique love seats, marquees and wooden seating to blend flawlessly with your rustic wedding theme. 

Style With Rustic Ornaments 

Some rustic wedding supplies like jam jar lights, apple crates, tree logs, candles and barrels are excellent ornaments to add flair to your rustically themed wedding. Imagine your three-tier wedding cake placed on a decorative apple crate to bring the whole event together. The great thing about rustic wedding supplies is that they don't need to be expensive. You can purchase these types of wedding supplies from charity shops and flea markets, if you want to keep your wedding costs to a minimum. If you don't want to buy them, there are wedding companies that stock many of these items for hiring.

Bring A Twinkling Sparkle To The Night

Subtle ambient lighting serves as the perfect accompaniment to a rustic wedding theme. Lighting options like fairy lights can be hung from the ceiling or as a backdrop to illuminate your wedding day. A series of twinkle lights wrapped around large beams and other structures can transform a plain-looking barn into a fairytale setting. 

Include The Theme In Every Wedding Element

When choosing wedding supplies for all aspects of the night, keep your rustic wedding theme in mind. You can choose bright flowers, lace-styled wedding cakes, flowery centerpieces and wedding favours to bring your wedding concept into everything. You can even include the rustic theme for your clothes. For example, you can choose a lacy straight dress design, while your groom may opt for a more casual suit instead of the traditional tux.

If you choose a rustic wedding theme, your choices are aplenty when it comes to wedding supplies – make your selections based on your personal taste and style and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.