3 Mistakes to Avoid When Having a Custom Bridal Gown Made

Many brides who don't like the hassles of trying on dozens of bridal gowns in boutiques opt to have a custom gown made for them. This article discusses some of the mistakes that you should avoid making as you have that custom bridal gown made to suit your unique preferences.

Ordering the Gown Too Early It may not be advisable for you to order your custom bridal gown more than a year before your wedding day. This is because your body may change within that time and you may end up incurring an additional cost to have the gown adjusted just before your wedding. Your preferences may also change within that long time after you finished ordering your custom gown. It is therefore better to identify your preferred gown maker early so that you have the gown made just a few months to the wedding day. The tailor can guide you about the appropriate time within which to have the gown made.

Going with an Entourage You should avoid going with several people when you are going to be measured for your custom bridal gown. Having several people accompanying you may make it hard for you to make a final decision about the style, materials and colour of your gown. This is because those people may have divergent views about what will look good on you. It is better to have one or two close friends who will help you to make a final decision quickly.

Being Rigid About Your Preferences It is usually helpful for a bride to describe in detail what kind of custom bridal gown she would like. The tailor or gown maker can then advise the bride about any modifications to that description that would result in the best gown possible. It may therefore be counterproductive if you refuse to consider the professional advice of the gown maker. For instance, you may think that a fitted gown may not be good for you because of your pronounced hips. The tailor may point out that a fitted gown will make you look more beautiful because it will show off your curves. It is therefore helpful for you to avoid being rigid when you go to have your gown made. Do your homework well before you select a custom bridal gown maker. That due diligence will pay off when you receive the gown of your dreams at an affordable price. Always consult an expert in case you are unsure about any aspect of the bridal gown that you would like to be made for you.